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Divorce is more than just the legal dissolution of a marriage.  Most divorces include dividing assets and debts, determining child custody, establishing a parenting plan, and starting new financial obligations.  Given what is at stake during a divorce, be it a property or custody dispute, having a knowledgeable attorney is an absolute necessity for anyone faced with this precarious situation.

During a divorce or child custody dispute, you will experience many different emotions ranging from sadness to frustration and anger to anxiety.  You need more than a lawyer to help guide you through the legal process.  You need an attorney who will listen to your needs, and develop a personal plan to reach your goals and protect your rights.

Our goal is not just to represent you, but rather to educate you about the entire process your case must go through during the pendency of a family law matter, and explain all relevant legal terms.  We invite all your questions, inquiries and concerns.  We strive to establish a long-term relationship with our clients to better understand your legal needs.  Furthermore, in child custody cases, issues will continue to arise even after the children have turned 18 and/or left the home to start college.

A majority of family law cases settle without the need for a trial or hearing.  We have worked tirelessly to establish a reputation of working together with opposing attorneys and parties to settle disputes in a manner that is favorable to both sides.  Reaching a settlement generally creates the best case scenario because it allows the parties to make their own decisions regarding their property or their children, rather than the Court. 

Family Law

Dissolution of Marriage
Child Custody and Visitation
Child Support and Maintenance
Legal Separation
Adult & Minor Name Changes
Administrative Proceedings
Step-Parent Adoption
Grandparent Visitation
Modification of Child Custody & Support
Guardianship of Minor Child
Juvenile Issues
Pre-Nuptial/Post-Nuptial Agreements


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